2021 Fall Herb Workshops – Tasty Medicinal Plants – Sept 11

Topic: Tasty Medicinal Plants.
There are lots of different herbs available in stores or to grow in our gardens. In this workshop you will discover the herbs that are both Culinary and Medicinal. We will learn the history and traditions of usage and how to add more flavor to our meals and everyday life. This workshop will include info how to harvest and herb use. Handouts will be available too. We may again offer a tea tasting with different herbs to explore more of them. $15.00 per participant. Meet at the Maple Meadows, 1680 – 168th Street. Be prepared for the weather as we will look at plants in the garden. Darts Hill Garden Park will be open from 11 am to 3 pm after the workshop, so please feel free to enjoy a stroll in the garden!

Information Poster: Tasty Medicinal Plants

Link to Register:  https://tastyherb.eventbrite.ca