Darts Hill 2020 Grant Presentation

“On Thursday July 2, a cheque for $156,658.85 from the Darts Hill Garden Endowment Fund was presented to the City of Surrey (COS) by Christine Buttkus Executive Director of SurreyCares and John Lawson SurreyCares Board Chairman. 

SurreyCares was established in 1994 under the name of the Surrey Foundation. This community foundation has Francisca and Edwin Darts to thank for their original endowment of $200,000, which provided the start-up funds for the Surrey Foundation. When Francisca Darts passed in 2012, her estate very generously gifted the Darts Hill Garden Endowment Fund once again. The fund now stands at $4 million, generating interest annually to be used to benefit Darts Hill Garden Park. For the Darts Hill Garden Endowment Fund to continue to grow, additional donations are needed. For more information about SurreyCares and the community work of this organization please visit https://www.surreycares.org/.

The $156,658.85 cheque presented Thursday is the 2019 interest generated from the Darts Hill Garden Park Endowment Fund. The grant is used each year to fund capital projects within Darts Hill Garden Park to improve and enhance garden infrastructure.  The design and construction of the pond in 2014- 2015 was the first large scale capital project to benefit from the annual grant. 2020 projects like the installation of the steel railing leading to the Heritage walnut and the extensive drainage project in the Nut Orchard and Pasture are this year’s gifts to the garden from the Darts Hill Garden Endowment Fund. Each year the Darts Hill Garden Conservancy Trust Society and the COS work together to develop a list of capital projects for the garden. These projects would not proceed without the annual grant from SurreyCares.”