Spring Arrival of Bees at Darts Hill Garden Park

April 22, 2020 marked the arrival of honeybees once again in Darts Hill Garden Park. The folks from the Honeybee Centre placed a hive of 30,000 honeybees in the Honeybee garden in the Maple Meadow on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. The honeybees at Darts Hill Garden Park are very productive and produce an excellent quantity of honey throughout the growing season. Not surprisingly, a good portion of the bee’s food comes from tree pollen, which is a little different than the hives in other locations in Surrey. Genevieve Forrest, from the Honeybee Centre, used a bee smoker to calm the bees during the placement of the new hive.

In addition to honeybees, mason bee condominiums were also positioned around the garden in April. Once the garden is open, look for the pole with the distinctive wooden box atop it. One mason bee condo is in the Native Loop, for example. These gentle native bees are very efficient pollinators of fruit trees, berry bushes and other spring blooming plants.