May 23 visit of the Vancouver Rhododendron Society

The Vancouver Rhododendron Society (VRS), a chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, visited Darts Hill Garden Park May 23, 2019 to view the beautiful late May blooms. Darts Hill Garden Park is well known for its collection of Rhodos as Mrs. Darts grew and planted hundreds of them over the years. Darts Hill Guides Pam and Anne toured VRS members along the colourful garden paths. Everyone was thrilled to see so many mature Rhododendrons in full bloom. The Rhododendron experts in the group graciously identified a bunch of Rhodos in the garden which have stumped our DHGCTS Labelling Group so far. Many thanks to the Vancouver Rhododendron Society for sharing their expertise. What a lovely afternoon in Darts Hill Garden Park! Please come back soon! For more info about the VRS, please go to: