Picked up your copy of “The Secret Garden: the Story of Darts Hill Garden Park” yet?

“The book is the remarkable tale of the life of Ed and Francisca Darts. Margaret Cadwaladr has skillfully woven together many threads; the Darts life together, the early beginnings of the garden with a fruit and nut orchard and the development of Darts Hill Garden Park into the unique garden it is today. A charming book, a pleasure to read!”

Books may be purchased at the second plant sale of the year, Saturday MAY 19 at the Plant Sales area. It will also be available at the Second Spring Open House, Saturday May 25. Both days 11 am- 3 pm.

Please bring cash or cheque made out to the DHGCTS for $29.95 to speed up check-out.  (Square Reader will also be on hand to accept credit or debit card purchases but please be patient as the use of e-commerce is new to us!)  If you are unable to visit the garden in the coming weeks, the book is available for purchase online at dartshill.ca/secret-garden. Shipping and handling charges are extra.