Heritage Ulmus pumila (Siberian Elm) Collapsed

In the early morning of July 30, 2018 the large Heritage Ulmus pumila (Siberian elm) at the north end of Bed 8 unfortunately collapsed. The falling trunk and numerous branches damaged a number of trees and plants in Bed 8 as well. A very tall crane was required to lift the huge logs and branches up and over to the volunteer parking lot as access to Bed 8 is very limited.

The failure of this large tree was unfortunate but an open space has been created, which presents an opportunity for new plant material. The existing Rhododendrons and other trees close by will also benefit from the increase in light and air circulation.

The remains of the downed tree have been repurposed in several ways, thanks to the efforts of garden director, Ken Warren, and his crew.

  • Two sections of its large limbs were trimmed, carved, and placed along the native loop trail, providing rustic seating where visitors can rest and enjoy the forest.
  • Rounds were cut from large branches for use as display stands for bonsai.
  • Some of the wood has been offered to wood turners for creation of bowls and other works of art.